xlsxwriter 0.0.1

A D binding for libxlsxwriter

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:


This project adds D bindings for libxlsxwriter (http://libxlsxwriter.github.io/index.html).


This project is a sourceLibrary dub target type, so you should simply be able to add a dependency to your dub.json/dub.sdl file. Note that you will need to install libxlsxwriter independently (see instructions here: http://libxlsxwriter.github.io/getting_started.html).


A number of the examples included with libxlsxwriter have been translated to D and can be found in examples/. These are minimal translations and strongly resemble the original C code. You can build them like so:

$ dub build xlsxwriter:tutorial3
$ dub build xlsxwriter:chart

Authors:Justin Whear

Sub packages:xlsxwriter:hello, xlsxwriter:anatomy, xlsxwriter:demo, xlsxwriter:chart, xlsxwriter:panes, xlsxwriter:autofilter, xlsxwriter:merge_range, xlsxwriter:tutorial3, xlsxwriter:array_formula

Dependencies: none

0.0.1 2016-Aug-25
~master 2016-Aug-25
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