arsd-official 4.0.2

A container of various subpackages that do lots of different things. You should use one of the subpackages instead of the main package in most cases, but you can try the complete package if you get duplicated dependency issues.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

This package provides sub packages which can be used individually:

arsd-official:simpledisplay - Window creation and basic drawing

arsd-official:minigui - Small GUI widget library for Windows and Linux

arsd-official:nanovega - Vector graphics library

arsd-official:email - Email helper library, both sending MIME messages and parsing incoming mbox/maildir messages

arsd-official:image_files - Image file format support - PNG read/write, JPEG, TGA, BMP, PCX, TGA, DDS read.

arsd-official:htmltotext - HTML to plain text conversion

arsd-official:dom - HTML tag soup DOM library

arsd-official:cgi - web server library with cgi, fastcgi, scgi, and embedded http server support

arsd-official:mysql - MySQL client library. Wraps the official C library with my database.d interface.

arsd-official:postgres - Postgresql client library. Wraps the libpq C library with my database.d interface.

arsd-official:sqlite - sqlite wrapper. Wraps the official C library with my database.d interface.

arsd-official:mssql - Microsoft SQL Server client library. Wraps the official ODBC library with my database.d interface.

arsd-official:http - HTTP client library. Depends on OpenSSL right now on all platforms. On 32 bit Windows, you may need to get OMF openssl lib and dlls (ask me if you can't find it)

arsd-official:jsvar - Javascript-like object in D, capable of json read/write/manipulation.

arsd-official:script - Small Javascript-like script interpreter with easy D API

arsd-official:terminal - Cross-platform Terminal I/O with color, mouse support, real time input, etc.

arsd-official:ttf - port of stb_ttf to D

arsd-official:color_base - Base color, point, image interface definitions

arsd-official:database_base - Basic database interface definitions. Use one (or more) of the drivers like arsd-official:mysql or arsd-official:postgres instead


This is a collection of modules that I've released over the years. Most of them stand alone, or have just one or two dependencies in here, so you don't have to download this whole repo. You may find some ddoc here: or you can always ask me for help.


I know I'm pretty light on this. There's some ddocs but for the most part, I kinda expect you to use it the way I do: hoping things are logical and looking at the source to fill in the gaps.

You can always catch me on email though: [email protected]. That's the most reliable way to reach me.

Basic idea

Modules are usually independent; you don't need this whole directory but it doesn't hurt to grab it all either.

I like to compile by just passing all the modules to the command line at once. For example: dmd yourapp.d cgi.d. That's why I don't bother with a separate arsd/ directory nor with dub packages. Passing the files is faster to compile and easier to use!

Read more about the modules at these links (docs are still works in process):

cgi.d info:

web.d info:

64 Bit

Believe it or not, but I still mostly use 32 bit programs myself. I try to keep things working on 64 bit, but don't always test it. If something doesn't compile or work on 64 bit, email me and I'll see about fixing it.

I also tend to run a version behind bleeding-edge dmd, so sometimes things break there too. Again, if that's a problem, just email me and I can typically get you a fix in about an hour.

Currently included are:

cgi.dbase module for making webapps in D. Supports cgi, fastcgi, scgi, and embedded_httpd via -version=xxxx
dom.dan xml/html DOM based on what Javascript provides in browsers
web.da fancier way to write web apps. Uses reflection to make functions accessible via url with minimal boilerplate in your code
email.dgives read and write support for emails, sending via SMTP and reading mbox files
web.d.phpa PHP library meant to ease integration of php components with web.d apps. Gives (read) access to the session, and full access to your D ApiProviders.
html.dfunctions to manipulate HTML documents, and now css and javascript with DOM functions, nested css statements, and macros for css and js.
oauth.dOauth 1.0 implementation with some helper functions for facebook, twitter, etc.
htmltotext.dconverts html into plain text
rtud.da real time update helper for HTML5 EventSource. Kinda buggy.
database.dmain interface to databases. Includes DataObject
mysql.da mysql engine for database.d (most mature of the three). also includes some basic ORM
postgres.da postgres engne for database.d
sqlite.da sqlite engine for database.d
mssql.da (super crappy) mssql engine for database.d (uses ODBC)
querygenerator.da user submission for generating sql queries

Desktop app stuff

simpledisplay.dgives quick and easy access to a window for drawing and input. Also has some OpenGL capabilities.
minigui.da small widgetset built on top of simpledisplay.d offering buttons, checkboxes, etc. Almost done!
terminal.dquick and easy access to a text mode console/terminal
htmlwidget.da very small html widget, built on simpledisplay.d

Game stuff

engine.d, screen.d, audio.d - a quick wrapper to SDL and OpenGL I used in the pre D1 days, now updated so it compiles as both D1 and D2 (use the -d switch to dmd)

Requires some SDL bindings.

Eventually I'll redo it.

Reading Common Files

bmp.dbasic .bmp file read/write support
png.dprovides some png read/write support
jpg.djust reading jpg header right now
csv.dgives read support to csv files

Cool stuff

jsvar.dgives a dynamic type in D similar to Javascript's var
script.da little script interpreter whose language is like a hybrid of D and Javascript (builds on jsvar.d)


stb_truetype.da port of the nice little C library stb_truetype.h to D for drawing text without external dependencies
eventloop.dfirst draft of a generic event loop that can be reused by several libraries try it with terminal.d or simpledisplay.d with -version=with_eventloop. Only works on Linux right now.
sha.dimplementations of the SHA1 and SHA256 algorithms
curl.da small wrapper around the curl library
http.da lighterweight alternative to curl.d
color.da basic color struct and some HSL functions. Also includes really basic image classes on which png.d, bmp.d, and others depend, and now some quantization and dithering algorithms.
characterencodings.dconversion to UTF8 of various encodings


image.dnow merged into color.d
lazypng.dnow merged into png.d
httpd.dold http server, use cgi.d with -version=embedded_httpd instead
netman.dold network helper code, you should try vibe.d or maybe cgi.d's threaded thing instead since this one is now unmaintained and poor in quality compared to vibe anyway.
domconvenience.dnow merged into dom.d

Things I'll add when I get the time:

event.dreading Linux's /dev/event e.g. for second keyboards and usb joysticks
browser.da tiny browser based on htmlwidget.d
wav.dreading and writing WAV files
midi.dreading and writing MIDI files (I actually need to port it from C still!)
simpleaudio.dgives minimal audio output
minimal.zipa set of minimal D functions, works on bare metal. see:


Thanks go to Nick Sabalausky, Trass3r, Stanislav Blinov, and maartenvd for input and patches.

Newer writeup:

audio.d, screen.d, engine.d - my old game stuff, wrapping SDL, works in D1 and D2 (or at least did last time I tried it about a year ago). Soon to be replaced by the dependency-free simpledisplay.d, simpleaudio.d, joystick.d combo.

bmp.d, png.dread/write for bmp and image files.
jpg.dpartial read support for jpeg headers (just to get the size of the image).
cgi.dbasic module for making web apps. Includes cgi, fastcgi, scgi, and an embedded http server. Reads url encoded data, MIME data (for file uploads on the web), and has full URL parsing, among other things.
characterencodings.dstuff for converting other strings to UTF-8. Supports about twenty other encodings based on webpage and email mining I've done in the past. Also has a lossy conversion as a catchall.
color.da color struct for RGBA, also does CSS color string read/writing, HSL <-> RGB, some color manipulation, alpha blending, and image base classes including palette to true color and true color to palette (quantization).
csv.dsimple csv reader, predates std.csv (and is a bit simpler)
curl.dwrapper for libcurl (predates
database.dbase class for RDBMS access. Also includes basic ORM and query builder in the form of DataObject and SelectBuilder. It is a simple, low-level wrapper of sql so you can manipulate it semantically more easily but you still need to understand sql to use it. (It also doesn't limit your options!)
mysql.d, postgres.d, mssql.d, sqlite.ddrivers for database.d (wrapping C libraries)
dom.dXML and HTML parsing and manipulation, including CSS selectors and other tools that can help for implementing a browser. API inspired by modern Javascript DOM, capable of scraping tag soup web pages.
email.dfunctions for reading and writing emails with MIME attachments, html and text versions, character sets. Can scrape mbox format, I used it to automatically monitor and reply to some email addresses sitting on the smtp server.
english.dprinting numbers in English
eventloop.dan epoll based event loop for responding to and sending events. My other modules can optionally tie into it, so you can have one event loop driving files, networks, terminals, X windows, and more.
html.dstuff for html and CSS manipulation. Includes the Css Macro Expander, which is similar to functionality offered by SASS (also available as a stand alone dub package on btw), and a Javascript macro expander which you can use to add stuff like foreach to that language. Also has HTML sanitization based on a full parser and whitelist.
htmltotext.dconverts html to plain text so you can display it in a terminal or an email, etc.
http.dmy old standalone http client. Does NOT depend on curl. I'm in the process of replacing it with http2.d, which has a more flexible, asynchronous api (still dependency free, though I have to add OpenSSL and SChannel support for SSL soon). http2 provides an object that kinda works like a browser -it can understand relative links, maintain cookies, etc.
joystick.dcode for accessing XBox 360 controllers (and similar ones, like the PS1 controller via usb) on Windows and Linux.
jsvar.da var type similar to Javascript, usable in D. Can be used to read and write JSON with a natural syntax and other dynamic type tasks.
mangle.dmangles a D name
minigui.dsmall, dependency-free (except for simpledisplay.d and color.d but doesn't even need Phobos) widget set, using Win32 native widgets where possible, custom Xlib based ones otherwise. Still work in progress but already works for some basic forms.
oauth.dOAuth library for client and server. I've used it with Twitter, Linked In, AWeber, Facebook, and more. Has specific functions for the Facebook Graph API, tweeting, serving oauth 1.0 requests, and doing the OAuth authorization flow. Depends on the mhash C library.
querygenerator.da user-contributed module for sql query generation
rpc.da remote procedure call library for D, making interfaces available across the network. You might prefer the apache thrift bindings or something, this is a custom job that I haven't seriously used.
script.da script interpeter based on jsvar.d. The script language is like a cross of D and Javascript. Made for API convenience - very very easy to embed in an application.
sha.dimplementation of SHA1 and SHA2 in pure D (well and some inline asm).
simpleaudio.daccess to WinMM on Windows and ALSA on Linux for waveform sound I/O and MIDI I/O.
simpledisplay.ddependency-free base windowing library. Allows drawing, input, and other basic functionality. Also allows OpenGL access.
sslsocket.dUses OpenSSL to inherit from std.socket.Socket and give client SSL support.
stb_truetype.dport of C library for writing ttf fonts to images. Has some convenience functions (but they aren't great, works, but not great)
terminal.dI/O support for the text console. Does real time input, cellular output, getting lines with user editing, coloring, mouse input, and more.
xwindows.dfunctions for working with X, beyond what simpledisplay.d offers. Stuff like interacting with the window manager, getting window icons, etc. I wrote it to support my D xlib taskbar.
web.dwraps a D class in an HTTP api, with automatic url routing, view generation, argument conversion, and much more. Also includes a HTML templating system among other stuff that brings a lot of these modules together.

There's a few other hidden gems in the files themselves, and so much more on my pipeline. Among the ones you might see added in the next month:

game.dhelper functions for writing games (bringing together the display, audio, and joystick stuff). I have OpenGL texture stuff written now, almost done with the high level input api, and some math stuff that will probably be in there.
model.dloading and displaying a 3d model format with open gl.
midi.d, wav.dloading, saving, and working with midi and wav files

(Yes, I'm writing a pair of D games again, finally! First time in a long time, but it is moving along well... and I don't need SDL this time!)

Special Conventions

idl Starting in 2019, I will be adding version info to individual modules.

Sub packages:
arsd-official:simpledisplay, arsd-official:minigui, arsd-official:nanovega, arsd-official:email, arsd-official:image_files, arsd-official:htmltotext, arsd-official:dom, arsd-official:cgi, arsd-official:mysql, arsd-official:postgres, arsd-official:sqlite, arsd-official:mssql, arsd-official:http, arsd-official:jsvar, arsd-official:script, arsd-official:terminal, arsd-official:ttf, arsd-official:color_base, arsd-official:database_base
arsd-official:cgi, arsd-official:http, arsd-official:terminal
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