dextool 0.8.2

C/C++ tooling for testing and visualisation. Test doubles via static analyze. Class and component diagrams for PlantUML and GraphViz.

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This package provides sub packages which can be used individually:

dextool:docopt - docopt implementation in D

dextool:dsrcgen - The semantic code generation framework for Dlang

dextool:clang - Deimos bindings for libclang

dextool:libclang - Deimos bindings for libclang

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dextool is a suite of tools for analyzing and code generation of C/C++ source code.


dextool is beta quality. Stable release will be 1.0.


The current focus is generation of test doubles for C code.


  • libclang 3.7+. deXtool has been tested with versions [3.7, 3.8].

Building and installing



Generate a simple C test double.

dextool ctestdouble --in functions.h

Analyze and generate a test double for function prototypes and extern variables. Both those found in functions.h and outside, aka via includes.

The test double is written to ./testdouble.hpp/.cpp. The name of the interface is TestDouble.

Generate a C test double excluding data from specified files.

dextool ctestdouble --file-exclude=/foo.h --file-exclude='functions\.[h,c]' --out=outdata/ --in functions.h -- -DBAR -I/some/path

The code analyzer (Clang) will be passed the compiler flags -DBAR and -I/some/path. During generation declarations found in foo.h or functions.h will be excluded.

The file holding the test double is written to directory outdata.


Jacob Carlborg for his excellent DStep. It was used as a huge inspiration for this code base. Without DStep deXTool wouldn't exist.

  • Joakim Brännström
Sub packages:
dextool:docopt, dextool:dsrcgen, dextool:clang, dextool:libclang, dextool:unit-threaded
dextool:dsrcgen, dextool:libclang, dextool:docopt, dextool:clang
System dependencies: 3.6+
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