dsemver 1.0.0

A program that computes the next semver for a dlang library or program

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:



Semantic versioning is useful, but 0.x.x versioning is a pointless loophole. When a piece of D software is published, and it is published if other people can find it on dub, it is released. And released means 1.0.0 at least.

Now, spending your time deciding what the right next version for a release is, is a waste of time. This can be computed. This is what dsemver does.

dlang semver

First release is 1.0.0.

If a symbol is removed or its signature changed the major version is increment and the minor and the bugfix number reset to 0.

If a new symbol gets added, the minor number is incremented and the bug fix number is set to 0.

If all symbol stay the same the bugfix number is incremented.

If no symbol is changed, added or removed the bug fix number is incremented.


# This will show the computed next version if there already exists a version tag
./dsemver -p PATH_TO_DUB_FOLDER -c


Doesn't that mean we are going to have packages with version 1000.0.0

So what, all that stats for sure is that release 1000 has not backwards comparability changes in relation to version 999.x.x.

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