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2D framework for Game develop

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:


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FoxiD is a 2D game development framework! What does he offer:

  • Easily define the behavior of the program using scenes and instances.
  • Safely working with memory using the @safeattributes.
  • Lightweight API
  • Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, OS X) using SDL 2.

Install FoxiD into your project

Create a project using the dub package manager:

$ dub init myproject

And follow the instructions:

Package recipe format (sdl/json) [json]:
Name [myproject]:
Description [A minimal D application.]: My first project
Author name [imadev]: My Name
License [proprietary]: Boost
Copyright string [Copyright © 2017, imadev]:
Add dependency (leave empty to skip) []: foxid

Foxid includes dependencies:

  • bindbc-loader - To load libraries
  • bindbc-sdl - Loads SDL 2 library
  • silly - For unit tests

Next, we will go into the project and write the code to easily open a window in app.d:

import foxid;

void main(string[] args)
	Game game = new Game(640,480,"myproject");;

If you are too lazy to write an example, you can see the example directly with two commands in the console:

$ dub fetch foxid
$ dub run foxid:helloworld --compiler=ldc2


DRex - a running dinosaur, the one of chromium.

(Do you have examples? Let's add.)



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