gfm7 1.0.1

D gamedev toolkit. OpenGL/SDL/FreeImage/Assimp wrapper, coloured logger

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GFM7 is a fork of gfm v.7 to keep functionality that has been removed in gfm v.8

IMPORTANT: Bolt-on replacement for gfm v.7.0.8 is gfm7 v0.9.9

Unfortunately I added tag v1.0.0 for another version of gfm7 that is non compatible to vanilla gfm v7. So I added tag v0.9.9 for vanilla version of gfm v7.0.8

gfm7 v1.0.0 has breaking change - the only difference to original gfm is that OpenGL related classes ctors do not take OpenGL as its first parameters because it makes their using simpler. So instead of:

	auto program = new GLProgram(gl, shaderSources);

you can write:

	auto program = new GLProgram(shaderSources);

All error reporting is fully functionable, excluding some log messages (not errors). GLRenderBuffer, GLShader, GLUniform, GLAttribute, GLProgram have method logger(Logger l) that allows to set a logger to get functionality fully equal to original gfm v.7:

	auto program = new GLProgram(shaderSources);
	program.logger = yourLogger;


Public Domain (Unlicense).

  • Daniele Bondi / maeriden: Euler angles fix
  • Francesco Cattoglio: OpenGL wrapper improvements
  • John D. Cook: original SimpleRNG author
  • Steven Dwy / Yoplitein: sdl_mixer wrapper, documentation improvements
  • Daniel Cousens / RommelVR: GL fix
  • Gerbrand Kamphuis / vuaru: many fixes
  • Kyle Hunter / Kelet: ENet wrapper
  • Sam Hocevar: original author of some bits of code
  • Guillaume Piolat / ponce: main author of GFM
  • Ryan Roden-Corrent / rcorre: math package improvements
  • Tanel Tagaväli / clinei: SDL audio wrapper
  • H. S. Teoh / quickfur: wideint improvements
Sub packages:
gfm7:core, gfm7:assimp, gfm7:opengl, gfm7:sdl2, gfm7:freeimage, gfm7:logger
gfm7:core, gfm7:freeimage, gfm7:logger, gfm7:sdl2, gfm7:assimp, gfm7:opengl
1.2.0 2022-Nov-14
1.1.2 2021-Jul-08
1.1.1 2021-Apr-12
1.1.0 2021-Feb-27
1.0.1 2020-Mar-21
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