gopro-ingester 1.0.0

Simple program for ingesting content from a GoPro media card.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


A simple tool for ingesting footage from a GoPro media card.

Getting Started

You can either directly download one of the executable binaries available on the releases page, or follow the instructions below to build it yourself:

git clone
cd gopro-ingester
dub build

You'll need to have the D compiler toolchain and Dub installed to do this.

Ingesting Footage

To ingest footage, simply run the executable. It will search for a GoPro media card on your file system, and if one is found, it'll begin copying data to an output directory. By default, it copies to a directory named raw, relative to where you invoked the program.

It'll only copy .MP4 and .WAV files, and ignores .THM and .LVM files that are only used by GoPro's own apps.

This tool comes with a variety of options, which you can view by running gopro-ingester --help. I've also included a brief overview of them here:

  • --mediaDir - The base directory from which to begin searching for a GoPro media card.
  • --outputDir - The directory to copy data to.
  • --force - Forcibly overwrite existing files.
  • --dryRun - Perform a dry-run (and don't actually copy anything).
  • --bufferSize - The size of the memory buffer for copying.
  • --help - Shows help information.
  • Andrew Lalis
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