gravitate 5.0.13

A SameGame/TileFall-like game

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


A SameGame/TileFall-like game written in D/GtkD.



You will need a D compiler and the GtkD 3 library.

To get a D compiler (I use LDC) see:

Once D is installed, install the Gtk runtime, then download and install the GtkD library. For these, see:

Make sure dub can find GtkD by running:

dub add-path path/to/GtkD3

Then, in the directory you've cloned or unpacked Gravitate, if using LDC run:

dub -brelease

(For other compilers either just run dub or lookup how to do a release build.)

Then, move the gravitate executable to somewhere convenient.



Other Versions

For versions in Nim/NiGui, Java/AWT/Swing, Python/Tkinter, Python/wxPython, and JavaScript see


I can only get it to run on Windows by installing the Gtk runtime, D, and GtkD as described in Build above.

Windows 10 "Defender" complains about installing the Gtk runtime with a scary message and only allowing you to install it by clicking "More Info" and then "Install Anyway".

So, for Windows users just wanting an executable, the Nim .zip is easiest to use.

  • Mark Summerfield
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