influx-d 0.5.0

InfluxDB wrapper

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Manual usage
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D programming language wrapper for InfluxDB.

Generated documentation

Integration Tests/Examples

API documentation

Getting started tutorial (hopefully self-explanatory)

import influxdb;

// this will connect and create the `mydb` database if not already in InfluxDB
const database = Database("http://localhost:8086" /*URL*/, "mydb" /*DB name*/);

// no explicit timestamp
database.insert(Measurement("cpu" /*name*/,
                            ["tag1": "foo"] /*tags*/,
                            ["temperature": InfluxValue(42)] /*values*/));
// `insert` can also take `Measurement[]` or a variadic number of `Measurement`s
// Measurement also has a contructor that does't take tags:
// auto m = Measurement("cpu", ["temperature": InfluxValue(42)]);

// explicit timestamp
import std.datetime: Clock;
                            ["tag1": "foo"],
                            ["temperature": InfluxValue(68)],

// this will have the two measurements given the code above
const response = database.query("SELECT * FROM cpu");

// Accessing the response.
// The code below assumes a response with one result and that result has only
// one series.

assert(response.results.length == 1);
const result = response.results[0];
assert(result.statement_id == 0);
assert(result.series.length == 1);
const series = result.series[0];
assert(series.rows.length == 1);
const row = series.rows[0];

assert(row.time == SysTime(DateTime(2015, 06, 11, 20, 46, 2), UTC()));
assert(row["foo"] == "bar");

assert(series ==
            "lename", //name
            ["time", "othervalue", "tag1", "tag2", "value"], //column names
                ["2015-06-11T20:46:02Z", "4", "toto", "titi", "2"],
                ["2017-03-14T23:15:01.06282785Z", "3", "letag", "othertag", "1"],

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