oauth 0.2.0-beta.3

OAuth2 implementation compatible with vibe.d

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Manual usage
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The oauth package provides an implementation of the OAuth 2.0 Authorization framework.

This package is stabilizing, but not quite 1.0 yet. Subsequent versions may not be fully compatible. Especially between versions 0.0.1 and 0.1.0 the API changed a lot. In 0.2.0 the oauth.client module has been split out into multiple modules and a few methods moved to another class (e.g. OAuthSession.load instead of OAuthSettings.loadSession). The old names are deprecated.

Vibe.d version requirements

  • oauth 0.1.x: vibe.d ~>0.7.29
  • oauth 0.2.x: vibe.d ~>0.8.0-beta.6

API Overview

Full documentation is in the source, here is just an overview of the 0.1.0+ API.

You'll need at least one OAuthProvider. Support for Facebook, Google, Azure and GitHub is included, and it's easy to add your own. You generally don't reference OAuthProvider instances directly, except when registering a custom provider.

An OAuthSettings instance contains application-specific settings, such as the client id, for use with a particular provider. Also it provides methods to obtain authorization using these settings. If authorization is successful, an OAuthSession instance is returned. For three-legged OAuth, use the userAuthUri method to obtain the URL where the user agent is to be redirected to. When the authorization code is received, through redirection back to the application, call userSession to obtain the OAuthSession.

For convenience, there is also OAuthWebapp which provides a reference implementation for three-legged OAuth. Since oauth 0.2.0 this is compatible with the vibe.web.auth module.

An OAuthSession holds an access token and optionally a refresh token. Use its authorizeRequest method to apply the access token to an HTTPClientRequest. If the access token has expired, it will automatically be refreshed, if a refresh token is available.

  • Harry T. Vennik
  • Sebastian Wilzbach
vibe-d:data, vibe-d:core, vibe-d:http, vibe-d:web
0.2.3 2020-Oct-17
0.2.2 2019-Aug-30
0.2.1 2018-May-02
0.2.0 2017-Jul-20
0.2.0-beta.3 2017-Jul-08
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