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The Operator Splitting QP Solver

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The Operator Splitting QP Solver

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The documentation is available at osqp.org

The OSQP (Operator Splitting Quadratic Program) solver is a numerical optimization package for solving problems in the form

minimize        0.5 x' P x + q' x

subject to      l <= A x <= u

where x in R^n is the optimization variable. The objective function is defined by a positive semidefinite matrix P in S^n_+ and vector q in R^n. The linear constraints are defined by matrix A in R^{m x n} and vectors l and u so that l_i in R U {-inf} and u_i in R U {+inf} for all i in 1,...,m.

The latest version is 0.6.0.

Citing OSQP

If you are using OSQP for your work, we encourage you to

We are looking forward to hearing your success stories with OSQP! Please share them with us.

Bug reports and support

Please report any issues via the Github issue tracker. All types of issues are welcome including bug reports, documentation typos, feature requests and so on.

Numerical benchmarks

Numerical benchmarks against other solvers are available here.

  • Bartolomeo Stellato
  • Goran Banjac
  • Paul Goulart
  • Stephen Boyd
0.6.700-alpha 2020-Feb-13
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