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Tanya is a general purpose library for D programming language.

Its aim is to simplify the manual memory management in D and to provide a guarantee with @nogc attribute that there are no hidden allocations on the Garbage Collector heap. Everything in the library is usable in @nogc code. Tanya extends Phobos functionality and provides alternative implementations for data structures and utilities that depend on the Garbage Collector in Phobos.


Tanya consists of the following packages:

  • async: Event loop (epoll, kqueue and IOCP).
  • container: Queue, Vector, Singly linked list, buffers.
  • math: Arbitrary precision integer and a set of functions.
  • memory: Tools for manual memory management (allocator, reference counting, helper functions).
  • network: URL-Parsing, sockets.

Supported compilers

  • dmd 2.073.0
  • dmd 2.072.2
  • dmd 2.071.2
  • dmd 2.070.2

Current status

The library is currently under development, but the API is becoming gradually stable.

containers are being extended to support ranges. Also following modules are coming soon:

  • UTF-8 string.
  • Hash table.

math package contains an arbitrary precision integer implementation that needs more test cases, better performance and some additional features (constructing from a string and an ubyte array, and converting it back).

Further characteristics

  • Tanya is a native D library.

  • Tanya is cross-platform. The development happens on a 64-bit Linux, but it is being tested on Windows and FreeBSD as well.

  • The library isn't thread-safe. Thread-safity should be added later.


Since I'm mostly busy writing new code and implementing new features I would appreciate, if anyone uses the library. It would help me to improve the codebase and fix issues.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  • Eugene Wissner
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