vibe-dav 0.3.0

Dav support for vibe.d

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:


A library that adds DAV support to vibe.d


FileDav with locking CalDav with basic support CardDav no support

How to use



void serveFileDav(string rootUrl, string rootPath)(URLRouter router, IDavUserCollection userCollection) 

to bind the fileDav handlers to a vibe router.

The next exemple will map every resource from http://localhost/files to public/files

import vibedav.filedav;


auto router = new URLRouter;
router.serveFileDav!("/files/", "public/files/")(userConnection);


listenHTTP(settings, router);  


Use the factory class that maps resource types to url nodes:

alias T = FileDavResourceFactory!(
	[rootUrl], [rootPath],
	[nodeUrl], [collection type], [resource type]

Example of maping a simple cal dav folder structure (more work will be done here):

auto router = new URLRouter;

// Do some basic auth
router.any("/calendar/*", performBasicAuth("Site Realm", toDelegate(&checkPassword)));

// Create a basic user collection, used to manage CalDav users
auto userConnection = new BaseCalDavUserCollection;

// Create a custom file maping
alias factory = FileDavResourceFactory!(
	// map "" to "public/calendar"
	"calendar", "public/calendar", 
	// map any folder to `FileDavCollection` and file to `FileDavResource`
	"",               FileDavCollection,         FileDavResource,
	// map the `personal` folder from users home
	// to `FileDavCalendarCollection` and files to `FileDavCalendarResource`
	":user/personal", FileDavCalendarCollection, FileDavCalendarResource

// Bind the custom FileDav maping to a vibe router.


listenHTTP(settings, router);

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