vibenews 0.8.2

Combined web forum and NNTP server implementation for stand-alone newsgroups

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


NNTP server/web forum implementation for stand-alone newsgroups

See for a running version.

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  • Acts as newsgroup server (NNTP)
  • Acts as a web forum
  • Lightning fast
  • Supports access restriction for individual groups
  • The web forum allows github style markdown formatting
  • Mobile friendly default layout with gravatar integration


  1. Install dub and MongoDB.

  2. Clone the project

    git clone git://
  3. Compile and run

    cd vibenews

The following ports are now available, per the default settings.json file:

  • :119 provides the NNTP interface
  • provides the HTTP web interface
  • provides the admin interface

You can leave these settings unchanged if you use a reverse proxy to make the web forum available to the public. Alternatively, you change the settings file to make the web forum directly reachable from the Internet. You can delete the key webBindAddresses to listen on the default network interfaces or you can provide your own list of bind addresses.

Example settings.json:

	"title": "Example Forum",
	"host": "",
	"nntpPort": 119,
	"webPort": 80,
	"adminPort": 9009,
	"adminBindAddresses": [""],
	"googleSearch": true,
	"spamfilters": {
		"blacklist": {
			"ips": [""]


  1. Open the admin interface at

  2. Create a new group (use dot.separated.newsgroup.syntax for the name) and make it active

  3. Go to to view the web forum

  • Sönke Ludwig
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