betterc-interface 1.0.1

Interfaces and Dynamic Casts for betterC classes.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


Provides interface compatibility to D -betterC flag. Poymorphism and dynamic casts on betterC!

What it can do

  • Implement multiple interfaces
  • Dynamic casts
  • Inheritance


  • Can't define a new destructor
  • Usage of interfaces is done via abstract class instead of interface itself. This happens because simply by using interface keyword, D refuses to build.
  • opCast can't be defined as of now, use getInterface!T. This happens because opCast breaks emplace, so, you won't be able to allocate a new class.
  • If your constructor has parameters, you won't be able extend that class with CppExtend it (unless you do a default params constructor)
  • Needs to call getInterface! for functions accepting super class when using CppExtend:
interface IInterfaceA {}
interface IInterfaceB {}
class Test : CppInterface!(Test, IInterfaceA){}
class Test2 : CppExtend!(Test2, Test, IInterfaceB){}
void test(Test t){}

Test2 t = New!Test2();
test(t); //Fails
//Instead, use:

Example Usage:

	abstract class Printable
		void print();
	abstract class Stringificable
		extern(D) string toString2();

	///New class implementing Printable and Stringificable classes
	class Test : CppInterface!(Test, Printable, Stringificable)
		void print()
			import core.stdc.stdio;
			printf("toString on print function: %s\n", toString2.ptr);
		extern(D) string toString2()
			return __traits(identifier, Test);

	abstract class DoIt
		void doIt();

	///Extend and include new interface
	class Test2 : CppExtend!(Test2, Test, DoIt)
		void doIt()
			import core.stdc.stdio;
			printf("Done it!\n");

	///Simply extend existing class with interface
	class Test3 : Test


extern(C) void main()
	Test2 t = New!Test2();

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