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Name Last update Score Registered Description
web-config 1.1.0, a year ago 1.22017-Jul-20HTML settings page generator & server side validator from any struct
simd 0.0.2, 4 years ago 1.22014-May-09SIMD library for the D programming language
derelict-enet 4.1.0, a year ago 1.22014-Jun-28A dynamic binding to the ENet library.
libwebp 0.4.4, 2 years ago 1.22013-Nov-12D bindings for WebP
libgit2 0.25.1, a year ago 1.22014-Feb-08D bindings for libgit2
awebview 0.9.1, 3 years ago 1.22015-Mar-14Awesomium wrapper and WebView GUI library for D programming language.
modbus 0.19.2, 2 months ago 1.22017-Mar-21Modbus protocol
wkhtmltox 0.1.1, 2 years ago 1.22016-Nov-25Thin wrapper for wkhtmltox
neton ~master, 11 months ago 1.22016-Jun-20An network library written in D.
telega 0.0.3, 7 months ago 1.22018-Apr-08Telegram Bot API implementation
fabd 0.1.0, 4 years ago 1.22014-Dec-16Bindings to libfab, a terminal formatting library
iup 3.25.0-beta.1, 5 months ago 1.22016-Jul-13Deimos-like binding to IUP, Portable graphical User Interface
pacahon_third_party 1.0.16, a month ago 1.22014-Mar-28veda storage third party libs
atmosphere 0.1.7, 3 years ago 1.22015-Apr-03Statistical package
libmemcached 1.1.1, 6 months ago 1.22016-May-30A memcached wrapper with D.
d2dgame 2.1.1, 11 months ago 1.22015-Apr-18D 2D Game-Engine
tharsis-prof 0.5.4, 3 years ago 1.22014-Sep-04Frame profiler library for games
soapclient 0.0.1, 2 years ago 1.22016-Oct-16A simple client to connect to and interact with SOAP services.
painlessjson 1.3.9, 4 months ago 1.22015-Jan-20Converting custom types to and from JSON the painless way.
dgpio 0.0.2, 2 years ago 1.22016-Feb-01Tiny GPIO control library for single board computers

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