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Server for Minecraft (Bedrock Engine) and Minecraft: Java Edition

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A Server for Minecraft (Bedrock Engine) and Minecraft: Java Edition written in [D](

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The server is still in development and some features are not supported yet.

Supported Minecraft (Bedrock Engine) versions:

Supported Minecraft: Java Edition versions:


SEL is based on the hub-node communication protocol, which means that it can run as two separate instances (hub and node), which are connected through a socket.

Create a server

:warning: doesn't compile using 32-bit DMD

:warning: doesn't work using DMD in release mode

git clone git://
cd selery/builder
dub --single init.d
dub build
cd ..
./selery-default [-edu] [-realm]

If you're on Windows you must compile using a 64-bit architecture (for example dub build -a x86_64)


  • imageformats to convert PNG images to binary (like skins and server's icon)
  • resusage to monitor the usage of CPU and RAM
  • sel-hncom to connect the hub (network functionalities) and the node(s) (gameplay-related functionalities)
  • sel-nbt to manage, encode and decode Named Binary Tags
  • sel-net (not yet implemented)
  • sel-server to manage the network-related stuff of the Minecraft games
  • sel-utils to encode and decode the packets used by Minecraft, metadata and IDs
  • toml to read and write the server's configuration files
diet-ng, resusage, sel-net, sel-hncom, sel-server, sel-utils, sel-nbt, imageformats
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