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Name Last update Score Registered Description
libtidy-d 1.22.0, 3 years ago 0.32015-Apr-27D bindings to libtidy.
qmctf 0.0.0, 3 years ago 0.32015-Jul-26A collection of QMC test functions.
d-leveldb-comparator ~master, 3 years ago 0.32015-Apr-15A Leveldb implementation for D., Fixes for Comparator
hash 0.1.0, 2 years ago 0.32016-Jun-04A Hash datatype for key => value pairs.
process-stats ~master, 4 years ago 0.32014-Jan-03Functionality for gathering statistics about subprocesses.
disposable 1.0.1, 6 months ago 0.32017-Sep-24A disposing mechanism like IDisposable in C# and an using guard like the using syntax in C#
erupted_v2 1.0.69, 14 hours ago 0.32018-Mar-23Auto-generated D bindings for Vulkan
middleware 0.1.0, 8 months ago 0.32017-Jul-06Middleware pattern
notnull 0.1.0, 7 months ago 0.32017-Jul-29A small library to make null checks fun.
desarch 0.3.0, 3 years ago 0.32015-May-30D Extended Set Architech
credexil 0.9.2, 8 months ago 0.32017-Jul-17Keep database credentials outside the sourcecode
lineml 0.9.8, 11 months ago 0.32017-Apr-13HTML-like markup language for the single line layouts.
flexiblemarshal 0.0.1, 2 years ago 0.32016-Jun-09A flexible marshaller/demarshaller for D.
desspace 0.2.1, 3 years ago 0.32015-May-31D Extended Set 3D View Utils
cgi_d 0.1.4, 11 months ago 0.32016-Oct-21Utilities for building CGI applications in D
webuntis 0.1.0, 3 years ago 0.32015-Sep-21Wrapper for the Webuntis API
digitalnet 0.5.0, 3 years ago 0.32015-Feb-26A linear-algebra-based construction of point sets for quasi-Monte Carlo integration on a hypercube
ddotenv 0.1.0, 3 years ago 0.32015-Feb-17A D implementation of dotenv
dinodave 0.3.0, 5 months ago 0.32014-Oct-28A libnodave binding for D
xkbcommon-d 0.5.1, 2 years ago 0.32015-Nov-09D bindings to libxkbcommon

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