microrm 0.3.0

Micro ORM for SQLite3

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Micro ORM for SQLite3

Very simple ORM with single backend (SQLite3).

This methods returns struct instances

auto qSelect(T)(ref Database db);
auto qDelete(T)(ref Database db);
auto qCount(T)(ref Database db);

They structs have methods

ref Self where(V)(string field, V val);
ref Self whereQ(string field, string cmd);
ref Self and(V)(string field, V val);
ref Self andQ(string field, string cmd)

there Self is type of structure, and method

auto run() @property;

for each own types.

This method execute immediately

auto qInsert(T)(ref Database db, T[] arr...);

See example/source/app.d

Authors:Oleg Butko (deviator)


0.3.0 2017-Aug-07
0.2.0 2017-Aug-07
0.1.0 2017-Jun-14
~master 2017-Aug-07
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