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Name Last update Score Registered Description
pcat 0.0.2, a day ago 0.32020-Jul-11A parallel cat.
aslike 0.1.1, a day ago 0.42020-Jul-11Duck-typing with check interface
lbfgsd 1.0.0, a day ago 0.32020-Jul-11A L-BFGS Solver
foxidtest 0.0.3, 2 days ago 0.42020-Jul-07Testing
bindbc-jsl 1.0.0, 11 days ago 0.42020-Jul-01JoyShockLibrary binding for D.
foxid 0.0.22, 11 days ago 0.62020-Jun-292D framework
timed 0.0.2, 14 days ago 0.42020-Jun-28A simple timer utility
dub-package-collector 0.1.0, 16 days ago 0.52020-Jun-26Collects source code files of dub package and relevant dependencies.
grpc-d-interop 0.0.1, 17 days ago 0.42020-Jun-25A minimal layer to help interfacing between C and D for gRPC
grpc-d-core 0.0.2, 3 days ago 0.02020-Jun-25gRPC Core Implementation for DLang

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