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Most popular
  • 1.2.0-dev.2
    Better test runner for D
    by Anton Fediushin
  • 0.9.6
    Event driven web and concurrency framework
    by Sönke Ludwig
  • dub
    Package manager for D packages
    by Sönke Ludwig
  • 2.1.5
    Advanced multi-threaded unit testing framework with minimal to no boilerplate using built-in unittest blocks
    by Atila Neves
  • 0.9.2
    A cross-platform event loop library of asynchroneous objects.
    by Etienne Cimon
Recently updated
  • 1.1.6-rc.1
    Medium-level binding to the PostgreSQL database
    updated 7 hours ago
  • 0.3.0-alpha2
    Multimedia I/O library for D
    updated 10 hours ago
  • 3.1.0
    Validate Swedish personal identity numbers.
    updated 15 hours ago
  • 0.2.1
    Singleton for simple logging
    updated 16 hours ago
  • 5.7.1
    Extremely lightweight HTTP server for D.
    updated 20 hours ago
Newly added
  • 0.0.0
    A quick way to set up Retrograde Engine projects
    created 3 days ago
  • 3.1.18
    bformat socket writer and reader
    created 3 days ago
  • 0.0.3
    Server and client encoding and decoding for the renaissance protocol
    created 3 days ago
  • 0.0.4
    Reference implementation of the DNET server protocol
    created 3 days ago
  • 0.0.1
    Dynamic bindings to cocoa, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
    created 4 days ago

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