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Name Last update Registered Description
dlangide 0.7.46, 7 hours ago 2015-Jan-27Cross platform D language IDE based on dlangui library
sel-utils 1.3.2, 10 hours ago 2017-Mar-28Automatically generated libraries for Minecraft and Minecraft: Pocket Edition
cbor 0.7.7, 10 hours ago 2016-Feb-28Concise Binary Object Representation (RFC 7049)
orm 0.0.2, 11 hours ago 2017-Aug-21A minimal D application.
trial 0.3.1, 22 hours ago 2017-Jun-11The extensible test runner for DLang
diet-ng 1.4.1, a day ago 2016-Jan-10Next generation Diet template compiler.
parsed 0.2.0, a day ago 2017-Jun-20A library for text parsing.
aedi-property-reader 0.1.0, a day ago 2017-Aug-20Aedi property reader, a library for reading configuration properties from multiple sources.
cryption 0.0.5, a day ago 2017-Aug-17A D Library of encryption, decryption, encode, hash, and message digital signatures.
requests 0.5.1, a day ago 2016-Apr-16http/ftp client library, inspired by python-requests
armos 0.2.4, a day ago 2016-Jan-23Armos is a free and open source library for creative coding in D programming language.
mir-algorithm 0.6.10, a day ago 2017-Jan-05Multidimensional arrays (ndslice), ranges, iterators, and algorithms for Dlang
oswald 0.4.0, a day ago 2017-Aug-05OS Window Abstraction Library in D
dlangui 0.9.93, 2 days ago 2014-Apr-17Cross platform GUI for D. Layouts, styles, themes, unicode, i18n, OpenGL, widgets. Android support.
tanya 0.7.2, 2 days ago 2016-Aug-24General purpose, @nogc library. Containers, networking, memory management, utilities
ice 0.0.2, 2 days ago 2017-Aug-19NAT, stun, turn and ice.
dgt 0.0.1, 2 days ago 2017-Aug-19An ergonomic 2D game toolkit
bdb2d 5.3.28, 2 days ago 2016-Sep-29BerkeleyDB to D bindings.
reggae 0.5.17, 3 days ago 2015-Mar-18A build system in D
postgresql 0.0.9, 3 days ago 2017-Aug-15Yeat Another PostgreSQL driver

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