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Most popular
  • 0.8.5-alpha.2
    Event driven web and concurrency framework
    by Sönke Ludwig
  • dub
    Package manager for D packages
    by Sönke Ludwig
  • 0.7.53
    Advanced multi-threaded unit testing framework with minimal to no boilerplate using built-in unittest blocks
    by Atila Neves
  • 0.8.3
    A cross-platform event loop library of asynchroneous objects.
    by Etienne Cimon
  • 3.3.0
    Mir Algorithm Collection
    by Ilya Yaroshenko
Recently updated
  • 0.10.13
    Library for lexing and parsing D source code
    updated an hour ago
  • 2.0.21+v1.1.98
    Auto-generated D bindings for Vulkan
    updated 6 hours ago
  • 0.0.45
    Mustache-inspired template compiler and interpreter for D
    updated 9 hours ago
  • 1.0.24
    The most practical D SIMD solution! Using SIMD intrinsics with Intel syntax with D.
    updated 9 hours ago
  • 2.0.0-beta.7
    A high performance full-stack Web framework.
    updated 13 hours ago
Newly added
  • 1.0.0
    D automapper
    created a day ago
  • 0.0.1
    A library to allow integration testing of vibe.web.rest based code
    created a day ago
  • 0.0.3
    zipkin core lib for dlang
    created a day ago
  • 0.0.1
    A library for manipulating and analyzing musical scores in D.
    created 2 days ago
  • 0.0.1
    A tcp-server framework.
    created 2 days ago

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