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Name Last update Score Registered Description
doap 0.5.0, a day ago 0.52023-Sep-21CoAP library for D
kameloso 3.13.0, a day ago 1.92018-Jan-02IRC bot
wgpu-d 0.1.4, a day ago 0.52020-Oct-24D bindings to wgpu-native
piyopiyo 0.0.1, a day ago 0.72022-Nov-15PIXEL's piyopiyo audio format
simplesoftmix 0.0.0, a day ago 0.42023-Sep-26A simple software audio mixer.
unexpected 0.0.0, 2 days ago 0.32023-Sep-26A collection of RNG-related code
darkersky 0.0.0, 2 days ago 0.32023-Sep-26Interface to Pirate Weather's Dark Sky API
easyhttp 0.7.2, 2 days ago 0.82023-Sep-26An easy-to-use HTTP client library.
open-api 0.3.1-beta.4, 2 days ago 1.62018-Apr-03An OpenApi implementation for D.
tanya 0.19.0, 2 days ago 1.32016-Aug-24@nogc library. Containers, networking, metaprogramming, memory management, utilities
diskuto 1.7.5, 2 days ago 3.02017-Mar-14Embedded comment engine
concurrency 5.0.4, 2 days ago 2.72021-Jan-14concurrency library
serve-d 0.8.0-beta.15, 2 days ago 3.52018-Mar-24Microsoft Language Server Protocol library and D Server
d_imgui 1.89.6, 3 days ago 1.82020-Jun-14Port of Dear Imgui: Bloat-free Immediate Mode Graphical User interface with minimal dependencies
dscanner 0.16.0-beta.4, 3 days ago 4.82014-Feb-15Swiss-army knife for D source code
doppler 0.0.1, 4 days ago 0.32023-Sep-24D bindings for the Poppler PDF rendering library
zipper 0.0.4-bindbc, 5 days ago 2.42023-Jun-24D wrapper around libzip
tame 0.0.5, 6 days ago 0.62022-Apr-20some utility library for D
pham_library 1.4.2, 7 days ago 1.02021-Jun-17BigInteger, Date, DateTime, Time, Firebird Database Driver, Postgresql Database Driver, Logger, Va…
now 0.7.0, 7 days ago 0.52023-May-18Auxiliary tool for software projects in general

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