redub 1.3.8

Dub Based Build System, with parallelization per packages and easier to contribute

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
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Redub - Dub Based Build System

Making it faster

Have you ever wondered why dub was slow? I tried solving it, but its codebase was fairly unreadable. After building this project, I've implemented features that dub don't use

  • Lazy build project configuration evaluation
  • Parallelization on build sorted by dependency
  • Faster JSON parsing
  • Fully parallelized build when only link is waiting for dependencies


  • Separate build system from package manager.
  • Have total backward compatibility on dub for initial versions.
  • On initial versions, develop using phobos only
  • Make it less stateful.
  • Achieve at least 90% of what dub does.
  • Isolate each process. This will make easier for adding and future contributors

Achieving it


  • api -> Can be freely be imported from any module
  • module -> Needs to be isolated as much as possible from each module. If one needs to communicate with other, a bridge/api may be created after the initial idea

How it works

Here are described the modules which do most of the work if someone wants to contribute.

  • buildapi: Defines the contents of build configurations, tree of projects and commons for them
  • parsers.json: Parse dub.json into a build configuration
  • parsers.automatic: Parse using an automatic parser identification
  • cli.dub + app: Parse CLI to get the build root and an initial build configuration
  • parsers.environment: Merge environment variables into build configuration
  • tree_generators.dub: Output build dependency tree while merging their configurations
  • command_generator.automatic: Convert build configuration into compilation flags
  • buildapi + building.compile: Transform build tree into dependency order tree
  • building.compile: Spawn build processes for the dependencies until it links

Contributor Attracting

  • Isolate module as much as possible to attract contributors working on self contained modules which only gets input and returns an output

Starting small

  • No need to handle edge cases in the beginning. They may become even separate modules.

A week project

  • This project had a small start. I gave one week for doing it, but since it was very succesful on its achievements, I decided to extend a little the deadline for achieving support. Right now, it has been tested with

Working examples

Those projects were fairly tested while building this one

  • dub
  • glui
  • dplug
  • arsd-official
  • Hipreme Engine

Package manager

  • Will be implemented as a hook in the build system. I'm accepting PRs, but I'm not implementing myself.
  • Hipreme
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