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Name Last update Score Registered Description
mylib 0.0.41, 8 hours ago 0.32024-Feb-22A library collection of algorithms and data structures for personal use
http-primitives 1.0.0, 3 days ago 0.32024-Feb-19Data structures and interfaces for HTTP capabilities in D.
tern 0.2.7, 16 hours ago 0.72024-Feb-18General-purpose and diverse library intended to expand upon Phobos
vibe-inet 1.0.0, 5 days ago 2.82024-Feb-17Internet standard functionality
vibe-stream 1.1.0, 2 days ago 3.12024-Feb-17Advanced stream implementations for vibe-core
vibe-serialization 1.0.1, 3 days ago 3.22024-Feb-16Serialization system and BSON/JSON format support
evalex 0.0.2, 6 days ago 0.42024-Feb-15A small library for evaluating mathematical expressions in strings.
caiman 0.1.7, 6 days ago 0.82024-Feb-13General-purpose and diverse library intended to expand upon Phobos
readonly_range 1.0.0, 9 days ago 0.32024-Feb-13A head-const (aka read-only, aka final) adapter for ranges.
predictivesearch 1.0.2, 9 days ago 0.32024-Feb-12A searching algorithm which may be faster than binary search
primesort 1.0.0, 10 days ago 0.32024-Feb-12A really stupid sorting algorithm
tiny-autodiff 1.0.1, 11 days ago 1.12024-Feb-03A tiny autograd library.
sokol-d 0.1.0, 20 days ago 0.02024-Feb-01D bindings for sokol
cmdex 0.3.0, 24 days ago 0.42024-Jan-28Modern command line argument parser
isla 0.1.2, 14 days ago 0.32024-Jan-20A library for parsing the ISLA serialisation format.
redub 1.3.0, 21 days ago 1.92024-Jan-20Dub Based Build System, with parallelization per packages and easier to contribute
fluid 0.6.2, 15 days ago 2.32024-Jan-17A straightforward and easy to use GUI library.
self 0.0.1, a month ago 0.42024-Jan-17self
twine 0.2.0-alpha, 25 days ago 0.02024-Jan-16Experimental routing daemon
deague 0.0.2, a month ago 0.32024-Jan-14Simple library to facilitate use of the League of Legends client API.

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