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Name Last update Score Registered Description
dsh 1.6.1, a year ago 0.62023-May-24Library for writing D scripts.
nova-d 0.16.0, 4 days ago 0.32023-May-24D translation of the libnova celestial mechanics engine
flant5-d 0.2.0, 3 days ago 1.12023-May-22FLAN-T5 bindings for D via CTranslate2 + sentencepiece
bert-d 0.1.1, 7 days ago 0.82023-May-20D bindings to bert.cpp
ds5w 0.0.1, 7 days ago 0.32023-May-20Windows API for the PS5 DualSense (+Edge) controller. Ported from C++ codebase to dlang. This API …
now 0.0.2, 7 days ago 0.52023-May-18Auxiliary tool for software projects in general
cpt 0.0.1, 10 days ago 0.62023-May-18Nan0MK's Cool Print Tools Dlang Edition
typetips 0.1.4, 9 days ago 1.12023-May-17utils for types/sumtypes/optional in D
microrm2 0.8.3, 11 days ago 0.12023-May-16Micro ORM for SQLite3
wttrd 0.0.4, 8 days ago 1.02023-May-14Minimal library for working with wttr.in weather informer
ysge 1.1.5, a day ago 0.82023-May-13A simple game engine
streams 2.0.0, a day ago 1.02023-May-13A collection of useful stream primitives and implementations.
dln 0.0.3, 17 days ago 0.52023-May-11Leanr/Test Dlang
sdlfmt 0.1.1, 18 days ago 2.32023-May-10Auto-formatter for SDLang files, based on sdlite
dparsergen 0.1.0, 21 days ago 0.82023-May-07Parser generator for the D programming language
i2d-imgui 0.8.0, 23 days ago 1.72023-May-05Dynamic and static bindings to imgui, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
i2d-opengl 1.0.0, 24 days ago 2.72023-May-04Dynamic bindings to OpenGL, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
sily-raylib 0.0.2, 25 days ago 0.42023-May-03Personal wrapper for raylib-d
dante 0.1.11, 22 days ago 1.02023-May-03Renaissance client library
sqlbuilder 0.0.2, 5 days ago 0.82023-May-02A library to aid in querying databases
dotty 0.2.0, 3 days ago 0.62023-May-01Smart contract test runner
inui 1.2.1, 20 days ago 3.12023-May-01Inochi2D UI Library
sily-terminal 1.2.1, 9 days ago 0.62023-Apr-25Terminal utils, TUI, bash escape sequences
river 0.3.8, 2 days ago 1.52023-Apr-25Streams interface
micro_orm 0.1.0, a month ago 0.32023-Apr-22A minimal jet complete orm for dlang projects
backpack 1.1.1, a month ago 0.42023-Apr-21GIT-based backup tool
cutenet 0.1.0, a month ago 0.52023-Apr-20Binding for cutenet a networking library for games requiring an optional reliability layer over UD…
ministd 0.1.0, a month ago 0.32023-Apr-20A set of utilities
cutec2 0.1.0, a month ago 0.32023-Apr-16Binding for cutec2 a 2D collision detection routines on primitives, boolean results and/or manifol…
photon 0.3.0, a month ago 0.02023-Apr-12Photon - a transparent fiber scheduler
ydlib 1.0.1, a month ago 0.42023-Apr-12A collection of utils
strand 1.0.2, a month ago 0.52023-Apr-12BetterC Fiber implementation
qoif-d 1.0.0, a month ago 0.02023-Apr-12Quite OK Image Format library written in D
ui 0.0.0, a month ago 0.42023-Apr-11WIP
encrypt 0.1.0, a month ago 0.12023-Apr-11AES encryption/decryption, compatible with BetterC, @nogc and nothrow.
yctk 0.0.1, a month ago 0.42023-Apr-09A minimal D application.
miniweb 0.3.0, a month ago 0.42023-Apr-08A minimal yet complete web framework
weakset 1.0.1, a month ago 0.52023-Apr-06A set that doesn't prevent its contents from being collected by the garbage collector
miniasync 0.3.3, a month ago 0.32023-Apr-06A minimal D application.
confed 1.0.1, a month ago 0.42023-Apr-05Simple tool to quickly edit configs by typing two words
jsonnet 0.1.0, 2 months ago 0.42023-Mar-31Binding for Jsonnet the data templating language
retrograde-bootstrap 0.0.0, 2 months ago 0.32023-Mar-26A quick way to set up Retrograde Engine projects
bformat 4.1.0, 28 days ago 1.22023-Mar-25A simple message format for automatically length-prefixing messages over any socket or stream
davinci 0.1.2, 22 days ago 1.12023-Mar-25Server and client encoding and decoding for the renaissance protocol
renaissance 0.0.5, 24 days ago 0.62023-Mar-25Reference implementation of the DNET server protocol
bindbc-cocoa 0.0.1, 2 months ago 0.52023-Mar-25Dynamic bindings to cocoa, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
readconf 0.3.1, 28 days ago 0.42023-Mar-24Singleton for simple reading of the configuration file
singlog 0.3.0, 28 days ago 0.72023-Mar-23Singleton for simple logging
scrambler 0.0.1, 2 months ago 0.42023-Mar-22Tool for encrypting and decrypting entire directories on-the-fly.
i2d-wgpu 0.15.0, 2 months ago 0.32023-Mar-22D language binding to gfx-rs/wgpu

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