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Name Last update Score Registered Description
antlr-d 1.8.3, 9 months ago 1.82018-Jun-27ANTLR4 runtime library
apache-thrift 0.15.0, 19 days ago 2.52018-Dec-27Apache Thrift D library
apn-d ~master, 4 years ago 0.82013-Dec-27Apple Push Notification (apn) service for D using vibe.d (roughly based on node-apn)
appbase 0.1.30, 8 months ago 0.82019-Aug-01App public infrastructure.
ar80 1.0.0, 3 months ago 0.82021-Jun-09CP/M and MS-DOS library archiver.
archive 0.7.0, a year ago 0.62014-Jul-29An archive library that supports zip, tar, and targz written entirely in D (with underlying gz imp…
arff 0.2.0, 3 years ago 0.32017-Oct-22An ARFF (Attribute Relation File Format) loader.
argon 0.0.1, 4 years ago 0.42017-Oct-21Argon html template rendering library.
argparse 0.2.0, 3 months ago 0.52021-Jun-25Parser for command-line arguments
argsd 1.1.0, 29 days ago 1.82017-May-16A command line argument ( args) and config file parser

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