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Name Last update Score Registered Description
mirror 0.1.9, a month ago 1.22019-Oct-02Compile and run time reflection
devarticlator 0.1.0, a month ago 0.02020-Feb-10Publishes Dev.to Aricles stored in the repository.
botan 1.12.18, a month ago 4.42015-Feb-23A D library for crypto and TLS
ezdb 0.2.0, a month ago 0.32020-Feb-04A declarative SQL library similary to Spring Data
navm 0.2.3, a month ago 0.82019-Dec-24A simple VM intended to be used in scripting languages
windows-headers 1.0.4, a month ago 4.22015-Jun-23windows.h for D
async 0.2.6, a month ago 2.32018-May-06A cross-platform event loop library of asynchroneous network sockets.
jumped 0.3.0, a month ago 0.32020-Jan-06An Inversion of Control framework for D, similar to Spring
libloading 0.1.0, a month ago 0.52020-Feb-07dynamic library loading primitive.
dunit 1.0.16, a month ago 4.72013-Oct-02Advanced unit testing toolkit for the D programming language

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