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Name Last update Score Registered Description
libressl-d 0.1.0, 5 months ago 0.72020-Mar-10D bindings for LibreSSL.
node_dlang 0.4.12, 5 months ago 0.72020-Jul-31Native NodeJS® module creator
fixed 1.1.0, 5 months ago 0.92015-May-20Fixed point (decimal) type
libyggdrasil 0.0.19, 5 months ago 0.42021-Jul-07A minimal D application.
pijamas 1.1.1, 5 months ago 0.02020-May-15A BDD assertion library for D
multi_index 2.1.0, 5 months ago 0.62014-Dec-14Port of boost::multi_index.
almeida 0.0.2, 5 months ago 0.72021-Jul-09A minimal D application.
libchonky 0.0.4, 5 months ago 0.32021-Jul-09Streaming socket chunked full-reader
dagon-newton 0.1.0-alpha.2, 5 months ago 0.82020-Nov-19Newton integration for Dagon
gfm7 1.1.2, 5 months ago 0.32020-Mar-18D gamedev toolkit. OpenGL/SDL/FreeImage/Assimp wrapper, coloured logger
bindbc-newton 0.2.0, 5 months ago 0.32019-Jul-25Dynamic binding to Newton Dynamics
diskuto 1.7.2, 5 months ago 0.82017-Mar-14Embedded comment engine
antispam 0.1.6, 5 months ago 1.42013-Aug-21Spam message filter engines
poodinis-proper-d-injector 1.0.0, 5 months ago 0.82016-Dec-26A proper-d-based value injector for Poodinis.
mir-yaml 1.0.0, 5 months ago 2.52021-Jul-06YAML parser and emitter with Mir serialisation engine support
karasux 0.0.10, 5 months ago 0.02021-Feb-16D library for personal use.
bindbc-bgfx 0.6.0+115, 5 months ago 1.22019-Sep-29Dynamic and static D bindings for bgfx.
karasunum 0.0.3, 5 months ago 0.42021-Jun-16A numerical library for personal use.
mrss 0.3.0, 5 months ago 1.42016-Mar-04Deimos bindings for the mrss library
bindbc-glfw 1.0.0, 6 months ago 2.12018-Oct-18Dynamic and static bindings to GLFW3, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
bindbc-opengl 1.0.0, 6 months ago 1.62018-Oct-18Dynamic bindings to OpenGL, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
navm 1.2.1, 6 months ago 0.92019-Dec-24A barebones VM for use in scripting languages
dpq 0.11.5, 6 months ago 1.42016-Jan-20A postgresql (libpq, pq) library aiming to be simple to use
utils 0.4.4, 6 months ago 0.62017-Jun-01Some misc. functions and classes for D
zencoding 1.0.0, 6 months ago 0.32021-Jun-24Collection of encodings.
pegged-cutter 1.1.0, 6 months ago 0.32017-Dec-08Utility to remove unnessesary nodes from a PEG-generated parse tree
zconfig 1.0.0, 6 months ago 0.42021-Jun-23A simple config file generator and parser
qui 0.5.5, 6 months ago 1.22017-Apr-23A Text User Interface library.
ddbus 3.0.0-beta.2, 6 months ago 1.72015-May-09A DBus library for D
dentist 2.0.0, 6 months ago 0.82019-Jan-24Close assembly gaps using long-reads with focus on correctness.
imagefmt 2.1.2, 6 months ago 1.02019-Jun-17Image loading/saving. @nogc
statsd 0.0.2, 6 months ago 0.32021-Jun-19A StatsD client.
silly 1.2.0-dev.1, 6 months ago 4.92018-Aug-12Better test runner for D
nbuff 0.1.14, 6 months ago 1.32017-Sep-13Network buffer
dnslib 0.1.0, 6 months ago 0.32021-Jun-17A DNS lookup library and command-line application.
hostname 0.1.2, 6 months ago 0.32021-Jun-07Get the current hostname with gethostname(2)
d_snprintf 1.1.1, 6 months ago 0.62020-Jun-12Port of C99-snprintf
libsodiumd 0.2.0+1.0.18, 6 months ago 1.22019-Jan-22D binding for libsodium
libcbor 0.6.0, 6 months ago 0.32021-Jun-19D bindings to libcbor
tsv-utils 2.2.3, 6 months ago 2.52018-Jul-16eBay's TSV utilities. Command line tools for large, tabular data files. Filtering, statistics, sam…
standardpaths 0.8.2, 6 months ago 0.62015-Apr-01Getting standard system locations
lantern 1.1.0, 6 months ago 0.02020-Feb-29Compute basic statistics for an array of objects..
mongoschemad 4.2.1, 6 months ago 1.42016-Jan-10MongoDB Schema support
bancho-irc 0.7.0-beta.1, 6 months ago 2.12018-Feb-17osu! IRC & multiplayer lobby management library using vibe.d
money 3.0.2, 6 months ago 3.52016-Apr-30A money data type, for easy and safe handling of currency amounts
eventsystem 2.0.0, 6 months ago 1.12015-Oct-12Super tiny event system using delegates
d2sqlite3 1.0.0, 6 months ago 3.82014-Jan-13A thin wrapper around SQLite 3
odbc 1.0.0, 6 months ago 0.42021-Jun-10Wrapper for ODBC headers
async 0.2.10, 6 months ago 2.12018-May-06A cross-platform event loop library of asynchroneous network sockets.
buffer 0.2.40, 6 months ago 2.02017-Oct-17A protocol buffer & RPC library

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