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Name Last update Score Registered Description
vest-dini 0.0.3, 12 months ago 0.42018-May-04 Dlang ini-configs
darser 1.0.1, 12 months ago 2.72019-Mar-20A D Parser and AST Generator.
wow 1.0.0, 12 months ago 0.32022-Oct-20Binding for wow-cgo
inifiled 2.0.0, 12 months ago 4.52014-Jun-15Compile Time ini file Reader and Writer Generator
symmetry-imap 0.2.0, 12 months ago 0.22019-Oct-01IMAP client library
dcell 0.0.2, 12 months ago 0.02022-Sep-11Terminal Cells for D.
libsodium-crypto 0.2.1, 12 months ago 0.12022-Oct-17Libsodium-based cryptographic primitives, including Cruve25519, Blake2b, and Schnorr signatures
emu6502 1.1.0, 12 months ago 0.92022-Oct-16Emulator for the MOS 6502 Microprocessor in D
md 0.5.0-beta, 12 months ago 0.12021-May-04A tool for executing sources in Markdown.
dcv 0.3.0, 12 months ago 4.32016-Aug-14Computer vision library for D programming language.

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