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Name Last update Score Registered Description
gamut 2.2.2, 2 months ago 2.32022-Jul-03image library
appbase 0.1.33, 2 months ago 0.82019-Aug-01App public infrastructure.
slowtable 2.1.0, 2 months ago 0.42023-Aug-12timetable tools
siryul 0.8.11, 2 months ago 1.12018-Oct-16A simple multi-format serialization library.
theprocess 0.0.5, 2 months ago 2.42023-Jul-11The easy way to run external commands
dast 0.1.5, 2 months ago 0.12023-Feb-28A flexible, lightweight framework for D programming language.
database 1.2.0, 2 months ago 1.42019-Jun-19Lightweight native MySQL/MariaDB & PostgreSQL driver
dialect 2.0.4, 2 months ago 2.42019-Sep-07IRC parsing library
lmpl4d 0.0.9, 2 months ago 0.42022-Mar-24Lightweight MessagePack library for D
turtle 0.0.15, 2 months ago 1.32021-Apr-10Tiny game engine for creative Friday programming.

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