anchovy 0.6.0

Set of multimedia libraries for games and gui applications

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


Set of multimedia libraries for games and gui applications. Currently in active development, so usage in big projects is not recomended. API can change with every version.

v0 6 0


  • anchovy.core - basic interfaces.
  • anchovy.utils - additional helpers.
  • - windows and rendering.
  • anchovy.gui - skinnable graphical interface. The only usable package right now.

####planned packages:

  • - OpenAL sound manager.
  • anchovy.locale - translation management.


  • dlib
  • sdlang-d
  • derelict-fi
  • derelict-ft
  • derelict-gl3
  • derelict-glfw3
  • derelict-sdl2
  • derelict-util

##Contributing: Any improvements, bug reports, feature-requests are highly appreciated.

##Building (Now builds and works in linux too) ###Windows and linux You need to install all dependencies in deps folder. Actual packages can be found in build.d script. Go to deps folder.

Execute there:

dub install --local derelict- all-libs
dub install --local dlib

Compile all derelict- packages, dlib and sdlang-d packages using command:

dub build --arch=x86

or --arch=x86_64 but it is not guaranteed to work.

If you face any issues with that feel free to post an issue.

Build build.d file located in root folder and run it. All .lib/.a files must be located in /lib folder (As used in build.d). Gui demo will be located in bin folder.

In order to run compiled example you will need to download resourses from latest release and install libraries if you are on linux. (glfw3, freetype, freeimage)

  • Andrey Penechko
Sub packages:
anchovy:core, anchovy:graphics, anchovy:gui, anchovy:utils, anchovy:guidemo
anchovy:graphics, anchovy:core, anchovy:utils, anchovy:gui
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0.8.2 2015-Nov-07
0.8.1 2015-Sep-05
0.8.0 2015-Jul-18
0.7.1 2014-Oct-23
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