chipmunkd 1.0.1+7.0.1

D bindings to chipmunk2d, a 2D physics engine.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


D bindings (-betterC) to the 7.X versions of Chipmunk2D, a physics library.


You will need to have the chipmunk library installed to use chipmunkd. You could use something like the following in your dub.sdl:

dependency "chipmunkd" version="<~1.0.0+7.0.1"
libs "chipmunk"

Note that the version spec 1.0.0+7.0.1 denotes that this is version 1.0.0 of the chipmunkd bindings, which target the 7.0.1 version of the C library.

The documentation for chipmunk should mostly apply to the D bindings as well.


The demo folder contains demo programs ported from the demos included in the C library. These depend on glew and glfw2. This is an older version of glfw, so there are some quickly hacked-together bindings in the demo folder to get it working.

You can build and run the demos using dub.

Comparison to DChip

You might also be interested in dchip. While chipmunkd provides D bindings to the original C library, dchip fully implements the source in D. With dchip, you don't need to take a dependency on the original C library, but it may be harder to keep up to date with the upstream version.


Both chipmunkd and Chipmunk2D are licensed under the MIT License.


These bindings were created with the help of dstep.

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