d2sqlite3 0.6.0

A thin wrapper around SQLite3

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Manual usage
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This is a small wrapper around for SQLite (version 3) for the D programming language. It provides a simple "object-oriented" interface to the SQLite database engine.


  1. Database is wrapper around a database connection. The connection is open at the time of its creation and it is automatically closed when no more references exist.

  2. Database has facility functions create new functions, aggregates or collations.

  3. Query is a wrapper around prepared statements and their results, with functionality to bind parameters, iterate on result rows with a lazy input range interface and convert column value to a built-in type or a Variant.

  4. QueryCache is a helper struct that stores all the results of a query in memory in the form of a two-dimensional-array-like interface.


    // Note: exception handling is left aside for clarity.

    // Open a database in memory.
    auto db = Database(":memory:");

    // Create a table
        "CREATE TABLE person (
            id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,
            name TEXT NOT NULL,
            score FLOAT,
            photo BLOB

    // Populate the table

    // Prepare an INSERT statement
    auto statement = db.prepare(
        "INSERT INTO person (name, score, photo)
         VALUES (:name, :score, :photo)"

    // Bind values one by one (by parameter name or index)
    statement.bind(":name", "John");
    statement.bind(":score", 77.5);
    statement.bind(3, [0xDE, 0xEA, 0xBE, 0xEF]);

    statement.reset(); // Need to reset the statement after execution.

    // Bind muliple values at once
    statement.bindAll("John", 46.8, null);

    // Count the changes
    assert(db.totalChanges == 2);

    // Count the Johns in the table.
    auto count = db.execute("SELECT count(*) FROM person WHERE name == 'John'")
    assert(count == 2);

    // Read the data from the table lazily
    auto results = db.execute("SELECT * FROM person");
    foreach (row; results)
        // Retrieve "id", which is the column at index 0, and contains an int,
        // e.g. using the peek function (best performance).
        auto id = row.peek!long(0);

        // Retrieve "name", e.g. using opIndex(string), which returns a ColumnData.
        auto name = row["name"].as!string;

        // Retrieve "score", which is at index 3, e.g. using the peek function.
        auto score = row.peek!double("score");

        // Retrieve "photo", e.g. using opIndex(index),
        // which returns a ColumnData.
        auto photo = row[3].as!(ubyte[]);

        // ... and use all these data!

    // Read all the table in memory at once
    auto data = RowCache(db.execute("SELECT * FROM person"));
    foreach (row; data)
        auto id = row[0].as!long;
        auto last = row["name"];
        auto score = row["score"].as!double;
        auto photo = row[3].as!(ubyte[]);
        // etc.

License: BSL 1.0

Copyright 2011-14, Nicolas Sicard

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