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Native Heterogeneous Computing for D

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This project is a set of libraries designed to work with a modified ldc to enable native execution of D on GPUs (and other more exotic target of OpenCL, hereafter just 'GPUs').

There are three main parts

  • A standard library 'std' containing standard functionality for targetting GPUs.
  • A driver library to handle all the compute API interactions and provide a friendly easy-to-use consistent interface. Of course you can always get down to a lower level of interaction if you need to.
  • A set of standard kernels to cover a large number of use cases and serve as documentation on how (and how not) to use this library.

##Build Instructions

To build DCompute you will need a modified ldc available here. In addition you will need Khronos's SPIRV-LLVM (available here) (use the spirv-3.8 branch) as well as a dmd compatible d compiler and cmake for building ldc.

##Getting Started

Please see the wiki.


Find out what khronos's clang mangles the OpenCL builtins' names to so that we can use the correct ones.

Get D versions of the OpenCL and CUDA APIs so that work can begin on a unified D driver API.

  • Nicholas Wilson
derelict-cl, derelict-cuda
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