ddcpuid 0.18.0

x86 processor information library and executable

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

ddcpuid, CPUID tool

ddcpuid is a x86 processor information tool. Currently supports Intel and AMD processors.

  • Can be used as a stand-alone tool or as a DUB library.
  • BetterC compatible, and used by default.
  • The library does not rely on any runtime (C, D) nor the OS.
  • Surpasses CPU-Z, Intel's Go CPUID module, and Druntime's core.cpuid module.
  • Currently featuring 240 CPUID bits documented and counting!

Want to better understand x86? There's the ddcpuid Technical Manual (PDF)!


The best way to compile ddcpuid is using DUB.

Compilers supported:


Using dub(1) is rather straightforward.

To learn how to use DUB, visit this page.


The Makefile relies on GNU Make (gmake/gnumake).

Available variables:

  • DC: D compiler, defaults to dmd
  • PREFIX: installation path prefix, defaults to /usr/local

Available actions:

  • debug (default)
  • release
  • install
  • uninstall


  • make: Produce a debug build
  • make release DC=ldc: Produce a release build with LDC


Since ddcpuid only consists of two source files, both being in the src folder, it's still pretty easy to perform a compilation by hand.

Here's an example that works on any compiler:

dmd src/ddcpuid.d src/main.d -ofddcpuid
ldc2 src/ddcpuid.d src/main.d -ofddcpuid
gdc src/ddcpuid.d src/main.d -oddcpuid

You get the idea.

GDC Issues


UPDATE: ddcpuid 0.18.0 is now fully compatible with GDC. No longer an issue!

Compiling above O0 will yield invalid results, and that's because of my incapability to understand the complex extended GCC inline assembler format. Especially since D has no volatile type qualifier.


  • 8.4.0: Early runtime crash with -O1 and higher optimization levels.
  • 9.3.0: Runtime crash + incorrect information with -O1 and higher optimization levels.
  • 10.2.0: Same as 9.3.

LDC Issues

Legacy stdio Definitions

On Windows, LDC versions 1.13 and 1.14 do not include legacy_stdio_definitions.lib, making it impossible to compile the project using -betterC.

0.21.1 2023-Oct-13
0.21.0 2022-Oct-02
0.20.0 2022-Mar-27
0.20.0-rc.3 2022-Mar-20
0.20.0-rc.2 2022-Mar-20
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