ddui 0.0.1

BetterC Immediate-mode UI library

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Manual usage
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ddui, Immediate Mode UI


ddui is a BetterC compatible Immediate Mode User Interface.

This is a D port of rxi/microui after being angry at my Imgui/Nuklear bindings not working. I'd like to personally thank rxi for making microui and Mike Parker for bindbc-opengl and bindbc-sdl.


  • BetterC compatibility.


  • Rename all prefixes.
  • Embedded documentation.
  • Improve string handling (maybe string_t).
  • Fix host window resizing for current example.
  • Fix window dragging when on-top of each other for current example.
  • Support OpenGL 3.3 and/or ES 2.0.
  • Replace FNV-1a hash by Murmurhash3-32.
  • Use bsearch for searching hashes.
  • Variable z-index ordering (starting from mu_begin).
  • Textbox navigation.
  • Triangle corner hint and/or cursor change for resizable windows.
  • (Considering) Dedicated helper functions to aid SDL2/Allegro/GLFW integration.


There is currently only one example using SDL2 and OpenGL 1.1.

To build it:

  1. Navigate to the demo directory.
  2. Obviously, you'll need a fairly recent DUB and D compiler.
  3. Install the SDL2 library (Ubuntu: libsdl2 package, Windows: place sdl2.dll in directory). (Note: this uses the dynamic configuration)
  4. Type dub.
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