dfix 0.3.2

Tool for automatically upgrading D source code

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

dfix CI status

Tool for automatically upgrading D source code


  • Updates old-style alias syntax to new-style
  • Fixes implicit concatenation of string literals
  • Automatic conversion of C-style array declarations and parameters to D-style.
  • Upgrades code to comply with DIP64 when the `--dip64` switch is specified. (Not recommended)
  • Upgrades code to comply with DIP65 unless the `--dip65=false` switch is specified.
  • Rewrites functions declared `const, immutable and inout` to be more clear by moving these keywords from the left side of the return type to the right side of the parameter list.


dfix will edit your files in-place. Do not use dfix on files that have no backup copies. Source control solves this problem for you. Double-check the results before checking in the modified code.


OS X users with homebrew should be able to install via `brew install dfix for the latest stable release or brew install dfix --HEAD` for the latest git master branch.

Other users should manually install, e.g. on *nix systems:

  • `git clone https://github.com/Hackerpilot/dfix`
  • `cd dfix`
  • `git checkout v0.3.1` if you want the stable release
  • `git submodule update --init`
  • `make` to build
  • `make test` to test
  • either add the `bin` directory to your path or copy to another directory that is on your path.

Installing with DUB

> dub fetch --version='~master' dfix && dub run dfix
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0.3.2 2017-Jun-10
0.3.1 2016-Jan-14
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