dgt 0.2.1

An ergonomic 2D game toolkit

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Manual usage
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A D Game Toolkit library

The project is written in D to take advantage of its ability for both low and high level programming. There's no need for a separate scripting language like Lua; both the engine and high-level code can be written in the same language.

Required tools to build

Feature List

  • Texture loading and rendering
  • Automatic batched rendering
  • Camera / viewport system
  • Polygon, rectangle, and circle rendering
  • Basic geometry module with circles, rects, etc.
  • TTF Font rendering
    • Optional charaacter or word wrapping
  • Sound playing API
  • Streaming music API
  • 2D tilemap for pixel-perfect geometry checking
  • Particle system
  • A basic Immediate Mode UI system
    • A button with different hover and pressed states
    • A slider that can allow for a non-discrete set of values
    • A carousel with a set of rotating values
  • Automatic letterboxing
  • User-created shaders
  • Sprites and animated sprites
  • Gamepad API
  • Tiled JSON format support
  • Ryan Goldstein
derelict-gl3, derelict-sdl2
0.3.2 2017-Sep-19
0.3.1 2017-Sep-18
0.3.0 2017-Sep-18
0.2.2 2017-Sep-03
0.2.1 2017-Aug-30
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