dli 0.1.0

A Command Line Interface library for D

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


dli is a command line interface library (I hope you appreciate the pun) for the D programming language. Although its main application lies in easing the fast development of cli apps, it can also be used in not-only-cli apps, such as in an embedded console in a GUI app.

This software is licensed under the MIT software license.


Because I hate handling user input every single time I need to ask for data, in every single app I write.

Highlighted features

  • Safely and easily request data from your user with the templated request method:
    /* This code will keep asking for data until an integer
       number that fits in an `int` and satisfies the given
       condition is given */
    import dli;

    int myEvenInt;
	while(!request("Please, input an even integer: ", &myEvenInt,
                   (int myInt){return myInt % 2 == 0;})) // This argument is optional!
        writeln("That is not an even integer.");

The library also optionally supports the evaluation of math expressions for numeric types. So, if you ask for an int, 128 * 5 / 2 is a perfectly valid input. The wiki contains more information regarding math expression support.

  • Easily create and run key-based menus:
    import dli;

    auto mainMenu = createIndexMenu();
    mainMenu.welcomeMsg = "Please choose an option below:";

		new MenuItem(
			"Write \"Hello world!\"",  // Title of the item
			{writeln("Hello world!");} // This gets called when the item is selected

    ... add more items ...


will output something like:

Please choose an option below:
1 - Write "Hello world!"
... your items printed here ...
5 - Exit // This item is added automatically
> // Here you expect the user input

Don't worry about your user writing garbage to your menu's input. If the input cannot be matched to an item, a warning message (customizable) will be printed, and the menu shown again.

These are just the main things the library can do. Head over to the wiki and check out the documentation to learn how to make the most out of it.


The following pieces of work make this library possible:

  • unit-threaded, by Atila Neves, released under the BSD-3-Clause license. Used for the testing of the library.
  • ArithEval, by Dechcaudron, released under the MIT license. Used for optional support of math expressions as user input.
  • Héctor Barreras Almarcha @Dechcaudron
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