glsl math library based on gl3n

Package Information

Version 0.1.2 (2017-Jan-08)
License MIT
Copyright Copyright (c) 2016 David Herberth Peter Particle
Authors David Herberth, Peter Particle
Registered by Peter Particle
Dependencies none


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A variant of glsl for DLang, based on gl3n but tries to be closer to glsl

Differences to gl3n similar to glsl

  • vector aliases follow glsl, e.g. ivec3 instead of vec3i
  • vector swizzle operators on left- and right hand side of assignment
  • swizzling is limited to four property letters
  • swizzle sets {x,y,z,w}, {r,g,b,a} and {s,t,p,q} are distinct and cannot be combined (e.g. v.rx is not possible)
  • matrices are row major, besides following glsl its easier to upload a struct of matrices into an UBO
  • matrix is an array of vectors, access matrix column vector with index and field/swizzle properties (e.g. mat[2].zx)

Differences to glsl similar to gl3n

  • matrix determinants and inversions
  • creating and editing matrices with translate, rotate, scale
  • creating orthographic and projection matrices (later case one param less than gl3n's)
  • quaternions (soon to come)

Available versions

0.1.2 0.1.1 0.1.0 ~master