dparsergen 0.1.0

Parser generator for the D programming language

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
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This package provides sub packages which can be used individually:

dparsergen:example_calc - Example calc for DParserGen

dparsergen:example_json - Example JSON for DParserGen

dparsergen:example_d - Example D for DParserGen

dparsergen:example_cpp - Example C++ for DParserGen


Parser generator for the D programming language.


  • Lexer and parser can be generated from the same grammar file.
  • The user can provide a template for creating the parse trees.
  • Grammar files can import other grammars.
  • Parametrized symbols (inspired by Pegged).
  • Documentation can be generated from grammar files using documentation comments.
  • Automatic grammar rewriting for optimizations and avoiding conflicts.
  • Lexer
  • Uses the longest token by default, but tokens can also be configured to stop at the minimial match.
  • The lexer allows limited recursive grammar rules, which can be used for e.g. nested block comments.
  • LALR parser
  • Recursive Ascent Parser.
  • Pulls tokens from the lexer.
  • Backtracking for annotated nonterminals.
  • GLR parser
  • Ambiguities can be represented as special nodes in the parse tree.
  • Tokens can be pushed into the parser.


  • Lexer and parser are not yet very optimized.
  • The generated parser can be big for big grammars, like D and C++, requiring much memory when compiling.
  • Error messages can still be improved.


Different examples are in subfolders of examples/. Every example also has a file README.md with more details.

An example grammar for parsing JSON files is in folder examples/json/. The parse tree for a JSON file can be printed by an example application.

Folder examples/calc/ contains a grammar for simple arithmetic expressions. The application reads expressions from stdin and directly calculates the answer without building a parse tree.

A grammar for the D programming language is in examples/d/. The parser uses LALR with different extensions, like backtracking. A parse tree can be printed by the example application. It can also test the grammar using the test suite of DMD.

Folder examples/cpp/ contains grammars for C++ and the preprocessor. The parser for C++ uses GLR, while the grammar for the preprocessor can use LALR. The example application shows the parse tree for a C++ file, which needs to be already preprocessed.

The folder tests/grammars/ also contains example grammars, but some of them test corner cases and should not be used as examples for real grammars.


The parser and lexer generator is documented in docs/generator.md. Documentation of the syntax for grammar files is in docs/syntax.md, which was generated from the grammar in grammarebnf.ebnf. An overview of the API is in docs/api.md.


Boost Software License, Version 1.0. See file LICENSE10.txt.

  • Tim Schendekehl
Sub packages:
dparsergen:core, dparsergen:generator, dparsergen:example_calc, dparsergen:example_json, dparsergen:example_d, dparsergen:example_cpp
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