dray 4.2.0-r2

raylib bindings for dlang

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

DUB Package


dlang bindings to redthing1 raylib v4.2.0 (based on the official upstream 4.2.0 release).


  • raygui included
  • HIDPI enabled
  • physac included
  • coming soon: OpenVR


all you need to do is add this package as a dependency and it should automatically build the Raylib C library and link it in. if for some reason you want to use a custom build, just place your own libraylib.a in the package root (usually something like ~/.dub/packages/dray_xxx.

note that raylib has some of its own dependencies such as OpenGL.

build (unix/linux/mac)

dub build

first, download an LDC2 win-x64 release to get the native libraries we need. Use the lib directory of the archive as WINLIB_BASE and the lib/mingw directory as WINLIB_MINGW.

Then place raylib.lib and WinMM.lib in the dray package directory. You can get raylib artifacts for dray windows here. You can get WinMM.lib, MSVCRT.lib, OLDNAMES.lib here. You should place those in your WINLIB_BASE path.

WINLIB_BASE="/path/to/ldc2-1.28.1-windows-x64/ldc2-1.28.1-windows-x64/lib/" WINLIB_MINGW="/path/to/Downloads/ldc2-1.28.1-windows-x64/ldc2-1.28.1-windows-x64/lib/mingw" dub build --compiler ldc2 --arch=x86_64-windows-msvc

finally, remember to copy phobos2-ldc-shared.dll and druntime-ldc-shared.dll to your executable directory.


see demo, which demonstrates a simple application using these Raylib bindings.

  • redthing1
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