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D tools

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This repository hosts various tools redistributed with DMD or used internally during various build tasks.

Program | Scope | Description ---------------------- | -------- | ----------------------------------------- catdoc | Build | Concatenates Ddoc files. changed | Internal | Change log generator. chmodzip | Build | ZIP file attributes editor. ddemangle | Public | D symbol demangler. detab | Internal | Replaces tabs with spaces. dget | Internal | D source code downloader. dman | Public | D documentation lookup tool. dustmite | Public | Test case minimization tool. getdlibcurl32 | Internal | Win32 libcurl downloader/converter. rdmd | Public | [D build tool](http://dlang.org/rdmd.html). rdmdtest | Internal | rdmd test suite. tests_extractor | Internal | Extracts public unittests (requires DUB) tolf | Internal | Line endings converter. updatecopyright | Internal | Update the copyright notices in DMD

To report a problem or browse the list of open bugs, please visit the bug tracker.

For a list and descriptions of D development tools, please visit the D wiki.


On a Posix system all tools can be built with:

make -f posix.mak all

Using DUB as a build tool

Most tools can also be built with DUB:

dub build :ddemangle

Running DUB tools

Some tools require D's package manager DUB. By default, DUB builds a binary and executes it. On a Posix system, the source files can directly be executed with DUB (e.g. ./tests_extractor.d). Alternatively, the full single file execution command can be used:

dub --single tests_extractor.d

Remember that when programs are run via DUB, you need to pass in -- before the program's arguments, e.g dub --single tests_extractor.d -- -i ../phobos/std/algorithm.

For more information, please see DUB's documentation.

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