dubproxy 1.0.3

A proxy for dub to allow local dependency resolution

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


Build Status dubproxy is a library and cli to allow use of private dub packages and mirror code.dlang.org, without a private registry. It is a standalone library/cli and is completely transparent for dub.

private libraries

Sometimes a dub project needs access to a private library. Subpackages are one solution, but getting dub to correctly work with subpackages is not always easy. Therefor, it is sometimes desirable to complete split out subpackages into there own dub project. Dubproxy allows to do that. One of dubproxy's features is to take local/remote dub projects, located in a git, and insert them into ~/.dub/packages such that dub thinks its just another package from code.dlang.org.

code.dlang.org mirroring

Code.dlang.org is not always accessible, but a still might be required right now. Maybe you are on a flight to dconf or code.dlang.org is down. Dubproxy allows you to get a storable list of all packages and upstream urls. This list can then be used by dubproxy to get a particular package or package-version. You need internet access of course. As time of writing this Aug. 2019 all gits of all package of code.dlang.org require about 6.5 GB of space.


  1. Get dubproxy(cli)
$ dub fetch dubproxy
$ dub build --config=cli
  1. put dubproxy in your path or use $ dub run dubproxy --
  2. get list of code.dlang.org packages
$ dubproxy -m -n codedlangorg.json
  1. get a package from a dubproxyfile
$ dubproxy -i codedlangorg.json -g xlsxd

By default dubproxy will try to place the git in system default dub directory.

  1. get a package and place the git a user specified directory
$ dubproxy -i codeldangorg.json -g xlsxreader -f GitCloneFolder
$ dubproxy -i codeldangorg.json -g xlsxreader:v0.6.1 -f GitCloneFolder
  1. place the dub package in a user specified directory
$ dubproxy -i codeldangorg.json -g graphqld -o SomePackageFolder
  1. get multiple packages
$ dubproxy -i codeldangorg.json -g graphqld -g inifiled
  1. get all packages in a file (run before long flight)
$ dubproxy -i codeldangorg.json -a -u

The -u is necessary to disable user interaction, because some listed packages on code.dlang.org do not exist anymore and github.com therefore askeds for a username password combination.

  1. dub is not in your path
$ dubproxy -d path_to_dub
  1. git is not in your path
$ dubproxy -p path_to_git
  1. generate a dummy dubproxy.json file with filename myPrivateProjects.json
$ dubproxy --dummy --dummyPath myPrivateProjects.json
  1. get help
$ dubproxy -h

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