dunitconversion 1.0.1

DUnitConversion is a simple library providing tools for unit conversion in runtime.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


Library for D programming language that provides tools for runtime unit conversion.

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This is a port of my Qt-based library QUnitConversion which is available here

DUnitConversion stores units as strings grouped by "family" (for example length or temperature). Each family has its own base unit, conversion inside a family is performed by converting through base unit providing conversion from any unit to any other unit in a family. Conversion rules can be added dynamically and/or loaded from JSON-formatted string so you can add your own conversions if needed. An example of an input JSON file is provided in /test/conversion_rules.json.

Note that each unit should have a unique name, as long as conversion is unit name-based.

DUnitConversion supports aliases for unit names, see aliases example below.


Documentation is available here

Author: Dmitriy Linev

License: MIT


  • Load unit conversion rules from JSON files
  • Support for unit aliases
  • Convert values directly
  • Bulk convert is supported with linear convert functions (see examples)


Basic usage:

auto convertor = new UnitConvertor;

// fill the convertor instance with rules
convertor.addConversionRule(ConversionRule("length", "m", "km", LinearFunction(0.001, 0)));
convertor.addConversionRule(ConversionRule("length", "m", "cm", LinearFunction(100, 0)));

// you can convert a single value
double km = convertor.convert(50, "km", "m");   // returns value of a 50 km converted to meters

// or get a linear function that holds conversion from one unit to another
// to apply this conversion to many numbers without finding a conversion each time 
LinearFunction convertFunction = convertor.convert("m", "km");
double [] meters;
// meters is filled here...
double [] kilometers;
foreach (m; meters)
    kilometers ~= convertFunction.y(m);


auto convertor = new UnitConvertor;
// load conversion rules from JSON

// load aliases for unit names from JSON

double km;
km = convertor.convert(50, "km", "m");   // returns value of a 50 km converted to meters
km = convertor.convert(50, "km", "meter");  // "meter" is an alias for "m" written in loaded json
km = convertor.convert(50, "km", "meters"); // and "meters" a as well

Package content

./sourceSource code.
./source/testsTests source code.
./testUnittest data.


dunitconversion is available in dub. If you're using dub run dub add dunitconversion in your project folder and dub will add dependency and fetch the latest version.

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