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dlang wrapper around linux io_uring API

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
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Simple idiomatic dlang wrapper around linux io_uring(news) asynchronous API.

It's just a low level wrapper, doesn't try to do fancy higher level stuff, but attempts to provide building blocks for it.

Main features:

  • doesn't use liburing (doesn't do anything we can't do directly with kernel syscalls in a more D idiomatic way)
  • @nogc, nothrow, betterC are supported
  • simple usage with provided API D interface
  • range interface to submit and receive operations
  • helper functions to prepare operations
  • chainable function calls
  • up to date with Linux 5.14


  • not all operations are properly tested yet (from Kernel 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8)
  • PR's are always welcome


View online on Github Pages

during uses adrdox to generate it's documentation. To build your own copy, run the following command from the root of the during repository:

path/to/adrdox/doc2 --genSearchIndex --genSource -o generated-docs source

Usage example

import during;
import std.range : drop, iota;
import std.algorithm : copy, equal, map;

Uring io;
auto res = io.setup();
assert(res >= 0, "Error initializing IO");

SubmissionEntry entry;
entry.opcode = Operation.NOP;
entry.user_data = 1;

// custom operation to allow usage customization
struct MyOp { Operation opcode = Operation.NOP; ulong user_data; }

// chain operations
res = io
    .put(entry) // whole entry as defined by io_uring
    .put(MyOp(Operation.NOP, 2)) // custom op that would be filled over submission queue entry
    .putWith!((ref SubmissionEntry e) // own function to directly fill entry in a queue
            e.user_data = 42;
    .submit(1); // submit operations and wait for at least 1 completed

assert(res == 3); // 3 operations were submitted to the submission queue
assert(!io.empty); // at least one operation has been completed
assert(io.front.user_data == 1);
io.popFront(); // drop it from the completion queue

// wait for and drop rest of the operations

// use range API to post some operations
iota(0, 16).map!(a => MyOp(Operation.NOP, a)).copy(io);

// submit them and wait for their completion
res = io.submit(16);
assert(res == 16);
assert(io.length == 16); // all operations has completed
assert(io.map!(c => c.user_data).equal(iota(0, 16)));

For more examples, see tests and examples subfolders or the documentation.

How to use the library

Just add

dependency "during" version="~>0.1.0"

to your dub.sdl project file, or

"dependencies": {
    "during: "~>0.1.0"

to your dub.json project file.

Running tests

For a normal tests, just run:

dub test

See also Makefile for other targets.

Note: As we're using silly as a unittest runner, it runs tests in multiple threads by default. This can be a problem as each io_uring consumes some pages from memlock limit (see ulimit -l). To avoid that, add -- -t 1 to the command to run it single threaded.


See echo_server sample implementation.

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