dutils 0.2.0-beta.2

A collection of modules in the D Programming Language that people may find useful.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


A collection of(hopefully)useful modules in the D2 Programming Language.

Changelog for dutils v0.1.4:


A math library for dutils. Capable of exectuting dstrings as user defined functions, provided that these are functions that map C (the space of all complex numbers) to C.

The only operations supported are +, -, /, *, and ^^, with ^^ being exponentiation.

As of this version, all of the math operations are located in dutils.math.core.

Add shared configuration

There is now a shared configuration that outputs a shared library as supposed to a dynamic one.

This configuration doesn't build with dmd due to spewing out a million linker errors every single time I try. It does build with ldc2, and I have no idea about GDC.

Build Instructions

Building from the repository (<repo_directory> is a placeholder for whatever directory the repository is copied to):

Requirements: dub and git

git clone https://RubyTheRoobster/dutils.git <repo_directory>
cd <repo_directory>

For a static lib build:

dub build --config=standard --build-mode=allAtOnce

For a shared lib build (requires ldc2):

dub build --compiler=ldc2 --config=shared --build-mode=allAtOnce

Building just using dub

dub build dutils
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