dutils 0.2.0

A collection of modules in the D Programming Language that people may find useful.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


A collection of (hopefully) useful modules in the D2 Programming Language.

This project was initially supposed to be a collection of whatever modules I decided to write for the D programming language (not unlike Arsd), but it had no direction, and I soon forgot about it. After months, I picked it up again, and decided to make a game engine, mainly centered around a robust mathematics library (which is currently all there is) and modularity: i.e. one can write an additional module extending upon the base framework with little to no effort.

What's With the Version Number?

I am an absolute monkey, and started it at v0.1.0 for some reason. Don't ask, I do not remember at this point.

Changelog for dutils v0.2.0


  • Created dutils.math.core, dutils.math.def, and dutils.math.number.

  • dutils.math.def contains the definitions for the template mathematical type: Mtype, and for the wrappers for the function and operator lists.

  • dutils.math.number contains the definition of the Number type, which is currently incomplete. The Number type currently supports four operations: +, -, *, and /, and the functions toDstring and fromDstring. The ^^ exponentiation operation will be done later, as it requires logarithms and arguments.

  • dutils.math.core supports registering, validating, and executing a function.


  • The entire library is getting a revamp, so I removed the existing iteration of the Math Library. Soon the rest of the library will be replaced, but until then, it wil remain.

Build Instructions

For a static lib build:

dub build --config=standard --build-mode=allAtOnce

For a shared lib build (requires LDC or GDC):

dub build --compiler=ldc2 --config=shared --build-mode=allAtOnce
  • Ruby The Roobster
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