dxml 0.4.4

An XML parser and writer written in D.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


dxml is a library written in the D programming language for parsing XML 1.0.

dxml's parser is a range-based StAX parser, but dxml also has support for generating a DOM using the parser. dxml also provides support for writing XML.

The parser should be complete as-is, but more helper functions probably should and will be added in order to make common idioms using the parser less verbose. However, unless a significant problem is found with the current API, it is expected that the API of the parser itself will remain essentially unchanged.

The basic writer functionality should also be essentially complete as-is, though there are plans to add writer support to the DOM functionality at some point in the future, and more helper functions may be added as well.

For the sake of simplicitly, sanity, and efficiency, dxml does not support the DTD section of XML beyond what is required to correctly parse past it. Both the XML declaration and the DOCTYPE definition are skipped if they are encountered at the start of the document. So, while dxml should work wonderfully for a lot of XML documents, it's not a good solution for programs that require full DTD support.

By default, any entity references other than the five defined in the XML standard are considered invalid XML (since dxml cannot properly replace them with whatever XML they represent), but the parser can be configured to treat entity references as normal text (in which case, it validates their syntax but otherwise treats them as normal text). See the documentation for details.

The documentation can be found here rendered as html, or it can be read from the source code.

Currently, the oldest supported version of dmd is 2.078.0. dxml will not compile with older versions.

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