gfm 1.1.6

D gamedev toolkit.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

What's this?

GFM is a feature-rich library to ease the creation of video games / multimedia applications with the D programming language. Pick what you need.

Documentation and overview can be found here:

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Public Domain (Unlicense).

How to use GFM?

See the examples/ directory, or as an example of a game.

Design goals

  • Give more power to the library user providing code that will probably need to be written anyway.
  • Each module / sub-package is maximally decoupled (the major pain point right now is the lack of a standard logging facility).
  • Logging interface for everything which need to output messages.
  • Correctness and functionality are favoured over speed.
  • Wrappers are lightweight layers that expose the C libraries objects, turn every error code into an D exception and makes it easier to use the library correctly.
  • As much as possible, GFM emit warnings when something goes wrong, try to recover when it makes sense and log every problem.

Why use GFM?

In the D1 days, I created several multimedia applications:

  • Vibrant:
  • Wormhol:
  • Extatique:
  • The Orange Guy:
  • SeamzGood:

This all came with some insight with how to do OpenGL applications in D. During this time I became acutely aware that my quick & dirty coding style wouldn't cut it in the long run. GFM is the clean successor library to the unfortunate code I was using at this time.

  • ponce
  • Gerbrand Kamphuis / vuaru: many fixes
  • Kyle Hunter / Kelet: ENet wrapper
  • Francesco Cattoglio: OpenGL wrapper improvements
  • John D. Cook: SimpleRNG author
  • Sam Hocevar: many bits of code
  • Daniel Cousens / RommelVR: GL fix
Sub packages:
gfm:core, gfm:math, gfm:image, gfm:net, gfm:enet, gfm:assimp, gfm:opengl, gfm:sdl2, gfm:freeimage
gfm:image, gfm:core, gfm:net, gfm:opengl, gfm:sdl2, gfm:math, gfm:assimp, gfm:enet, gfm:freeimage
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