gitcompatibledubpackage 1.0.4

Example of a DUB package also usable as git submodule. For DUB test suite.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

This fake package is intended for the DUB test suite.

It also shows how to make a DUB package which can also be used as a git submodule:

"importPaths": [".."]

For this to work, it is important that the DUB "name" field and the repositery name are the same.

1.0.4 2017-Sep-18
1.0.3 2017-Apr-05
1.0.2 2015-Oct-31
1.0.1 2015-Oct-31
~master 2018-Apr-10
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